Chris Daughtry Fan Club

Chris Daughtry is the lead singer of the band Daughtry. He broke out into main-street media through American Idol, coming in fourth place during season 5

Daughtry Music Beginnings

daughtryChris Daughtry's original band Absent Element is where it all started. The song "Conviction" and "Breakdown" on the Absent Element CD is the song "Breakdown" on the new Daughtry CD. Listen to the original version of these songs, plus you can hear Absent Element before Chris Daughtry's rise to the top. Try to find it underground as it is no longer available.

Chris should have won American Idol. Based on current standings, he is one of the most successful American Idol contestants. Perhaps during that final performance, he wasn't the strongest contestant, but he has grown, he has learned, and he is delivering. Americans love his music, as evindenced by his album selling faster than most rock bands and reaching high record sales so early in his career.

Born in '79 Chris Daughtry has had a fan base for quite some time. He really started his singing career in High School, where he was part of a band named Cadence. Performing small gigs, he continued his passion for music when he formed the band Absent Element. American Idol was the launching pad he needed to build fans and get a record deal. His first CD after American Idol was released in November of 2006 by the name "Daughtry" after the name of his new band name.